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Committed to meet the rising demand of energy.

Who We Are

Koshi Gas Udhyog was incorporated in the Year B.S 2043 Falgun in Morang district as the second LPG bottling and distribution plant in the country. Today it is considered as one of the largest LPG bottling plants in the country filling and distributing approximately 25,000 metric tons of LPG annually.

Koshi Gas Udhyog has always been in the fore front when it comes to operating with the best technological solutions available in the world. Its consistent efforts to maintain standards of excellence in quality and quantity over its 32 year presence have given the brand unparallel success with unprecedented loyalty from its respective customers.

Our Mission

Access to LPG has augmented human comfort and social progress for the Nepalese population addressing commercial and residential energy needs for people of all social economic divisions. Koshi gas has been a catalyst of this change reducing the dependency on kerosene and wood fire all over Nepal since the last 25 years. It strives to continually shift urban and rural users to LP Gas addressing health and environmental hazards caused by traditional fuel sources.

Our Policy

Public policy makes a significant impact to any industry. We at Koshi Gas exercise our right to support policies that benefit the industry taking in consideration the positive impacts it has for the nation at large. Approximately 60% of rural and 20 % urban households still used traditional wood fire as an energy source making LPG the second most used cooking source. We are constantly trying to work with policy makers to change this demographic advocating our mission to eradicate wood fires from households all over the country.

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