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Committed to meet the rising demand of energy.

Safer. Better. Reliable.

Koshi Gas Udhyog was incorporated in the Year B.S 2043 Falgun in Morang district as the second LPG bottling and distribution plant in the country. Today it is considered as one of the largest LPG bottling plants in the country filling and distributing approximately 25,000 metric tons of LPG annually.

Distributors & Dealers

25000 MT

Filling & Distritution Anually


Years of Experience

1.8 Million

Cylinders sold yearly

Nestled amidst the historic valley of Kathmandu, the Varnabas Museum Hotel proudly showcases the diversity of our country- Nepal. Representing the culture and celebration of different ethnicities of Nepal, the hotel aims to give you an immersive experience into the essence of this unique land.

Varnabas welcomes visitors from all over the world to honour the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – a Sanskrit phrase that means ‘The world is one family.’

Celebrate the unique geo-cultural legacy of Nepal with Varnabas

Committed to meet the rising demand of energy.

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Partner with one of the largest LPG units of Nepal. With Koshi Gas’ quality, quantity and support, you’ll experience the same delight as our customers. Together, we aim to consistently deliver on our promise of putting “Customer First”.